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System Boilers

System Boilers

What is a system boiler?

A system boiler is just like an open-vent gas boiler, it works on the same principle of stored hot water. However, many of the major individual components of the heating and hot water system are built into a system boiler, which means that installation is quicker, neater, easier and more efficient.

Secondly, the hot water is pumped from the system boiler through the heating system to the radiators and hot water cylinder, resulting in a fast response and more economical running costs. The system boiler removes the need for a feed and expansion cistern.

It is the ideal choice for the modern family home which needs every inch of space for storage and has a high demand for hot water, no need for water tanks in the loft as with an open vent gas boiler.

Most suited to: Larger homes with multiple bathrooms/ensuites; families. Usually available in following outputs: kw 12 15 18 24 30

High flow rate for domestic hot water
No tank(s) in your loft
More than one hot tap / shower can easily operate at same time

Hot water is not instant.
Once the water in the storage cylinder runs out you have to wait for it to reheat.
You'll need to find space for the cylinder (usually an airing cupboard)

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